3D Miracle


Generate single image stereograms from a 3D object


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3D Miracle is a Windows application that enables you to create single image stereograms, those images that reveal a 3D object if you look closely at them.

The first step in creating your image is to decide which object you want to be hidden within it. Using 3D Monster, another tool included in 3D Miracle, you can transform an object from 3D Studio into a silhouette that will work with the program.

3D Miracle includes various sample silhouettes and textures. A small assistant will help you create your single image stereogram in just a few steps.

If you'd like to change the interface of 3D Miracle to a different language, you'll need to add that language's pack when installing the program. Then, access the View menu to select the Language option.

21-day trial.

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